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With a wide range of quality services Cruise Industry Services is able to meet and surpass your project requirements. We are pleased to offer a full suite of service offerings to you our valued cruise industry clientele. We have team members from all over the globe. Who are here to serve your projects and professional vessel services needs.

Regardless of the demand be it technical or geographical, Cruise Industry Services has the project management solution to effectively, manage your vessels project needs. Our project teams are formulated with highly skilled professionals; who understand the complexities and high demands that your vessels project needs to overcome. Whatever your project need be it full site management, a project management intermediary to investigate ongoing issues or a highly technical management approach. We are fully equipped to deliver a quality solution. Every project management solution we deliver is tailored to your specific project. We very much dig deep. We plan out everything, modify and adjust when needed during the project execution stage. At Cruise Industry Services we aim for nothing less than a job done well dictated by the highest quality standards in the industry.

At Cruise Industry Services we have a team of highly skilled technicians that are specialists in their respective fields of work. From all facets of fiber optic services to a technician to skillfully assemble your cable racks to strategically formulating your required telecommunications infrastructure. We have the skilled professionals to get the job done right. All backed by the Cruise Industry Services quality guarantee.

Over the years Cruise Industry Services has discovered a huge issue in the industry with the quality and in fact technical implementation of one critical piece of infrastructure. Ships cabling that is why we have assembled and manage a highly skilled team of cable professionals. Properly installing and ensuring sound industry leading cabling structure for your vessel is there project mission. All team members have at least 1-year industry expertise are briefed and formulated on the scope of work on the project. Are led by and engineer or RCDD on every project. Understand and are trained in the proper science and industry accepted best practices. Are trained in proper fire stop practices and bulk head sealant products on the market today. All work is 3 stage checked as well call it at Cruise Industry Services. It is checked by the team lead, the engineer and then the vessels representative. We do this to ensure nothing but quality is delivered to you or valued clientele.

If your vessel or shipyard is in need of highly skilled labourers, and tradespeople. Look no farther than Cruise Industry Services. We have an international talent pool of skilled tradespeople such as carpenters, plumbers, HVAC Technicians and various other trades. That can add the value, expertise and professional abilities your project requires. 

Many might ask well what is this all about. Well we aim to give your project a leg up an overview of what could be or shouldn’t be. Call it a feasibility study on steroids. Routinely we have heard from clients with one concern. The concerns and issues addressed are things such as a will the delivery of this project meet our brands needs, what are the costs of this are we missing anything. Is it more cost effective to do it now or never? We have heard it all. Our formulated teams dig deep doing whatever has to be done to give you a crystal-clear picture of everything entailed in your project good and bad. When our report is finalized you likely will discover things to enhance your decision to move forward or to sit back and say maybe no, we shouldn’t do this project.

Each report is tailored to your specific project or issue. There are no cookie cutter reports here. At Cruise Industry Services we deliver the quality in what we do. Nothing is left to sugar coated for you, truly you get the cold hard facts or the facts that make you jump for joy. Our reports are great for many reasons. They provide great indication metrics to measure the whole picture not a partial picture.

“It is better” – one cruise line representative said – “to learn now what we know than to have spent millions on something that likely would have hurt our brand.”


Quality is our Brand

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26 May,2021

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26 May,2021

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CIS takes pride in delivering unparalleled quality across all projects.

For established cruise lines and ship management companies who require new builds or refurbishments and sub-consultant services. 

Cruise Industry Services offers a quality competitive, professional and economical option. Projects may be delegated to Cruise Industry Services directly or other arrangements can be made to supplement and assist clients own in-house staff.