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What Makes Us Different

Cruise Industry Services provides world-class high-quality services to the global cruise industry. We are proud to provide state-of-the-art industry leading Project Management and technical services. As well as a full suite of enhanced and quality services. Cruise Industry Services has quickly become an industry leader for quality of service. Cruise Industry Services realizes that timely and quality workmanship is paramount, our skilled and professionally trained project managers and technicians are world class. From initial project discussions to project completion our processes are layered in ensuring one thing. Total client satisfaction.

We offer a wide range of capabilities from full scale vessel project management, fibre optic installation termination and testing. To even the most critical but sometimes routine work like cable pulling. As well as a full array of other industry specific specialties and services. We work with a highly skilled group of technicians, engineers, RCDD’S and various other trade specialties who are trained and highly skilled at what they do. Cruise Industry Services is very much your go to services partner at sea.

With years of industry expertise in dry docks and ride along projects as well as various other vessel projects. No task is to big or to small nor to complex for our highly skilled staff. With a combined industry expertise level of over 45 years from our key operational staff to the hundreds of years of expertise of our skilled technicians, laborers and partner companies.

Experienced Staff
Wide Array of Services
State-of-the-art Technology


Our industry leading project capabilities are vast

Our worldwide presence of ramping up and having the ability to get the job done, is legendary. Wherever your vessel is located we will be there. Cruise Industry Services is a global project-oriented services company. The success of your project is our utmost importance. Not just getting a project done is our mandate but ensuring total client satisfaction in the quality of the work that was done. We are very much centered and laser focused on the quality of the project we deliver. We wish to leave no doubt why we are considered by many the best in the industry.

Have Any Special Requirements!

We offer many more professional services to cruise ship clients. Please message us for further details on additional services offered.